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Wedding Cakes
Collaborating with our Bride and Groom to create the wedding cake of their dreams

Sweet Tables

Creating the perfect tablescape of decadent desserts for your guests to enjoy. We offer full service- including delivery, setup & plate rentals 

Sweet Table Items
Dipped strawberries
Cake pops

*NEW* Cake-sicles
Garden cake pops
Mini Cupcakes with butter cream swirl
Mini Cupcakes with sugar decoration
Regular Cupcakes with butter cream swirl
Regular Cupcakes with sugar decoration
French Macarons
Pretzel Rods
Twisted Pretzels
Sugar Cookies
Sugar cookie stack
Mini Krispie pop
Mini Cake donuts
Mini Garden donuts
Regular Cake donuts
Regular Garden donuts
Custom clear or solid Lollies
Floral Clear Lollies
Mini fluted bundt cakes

Large Bundt cake
6o Piece Macaron tower

80 Piece Macaron tower

60 Piece Profiterole tower

80 Piece Profiterole tower
17 piece Regular size donut tower

30 piece Regular size donut tower

30pc Madeleine Tower
Mini Berry floral tartlet
Regular Berry floral tartlet
French Madeleine’s
Mini Cake Loaf

Milestone Cakes
From Birthdays to Baptisms, we love creating that perfect and delicious cake to help celebrate life's beautiful milestones

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